17 avril 2021


Comment les peuples du Bénin et du Nigéria notamment du Barutem Local Government conjuguent leurs efforts pour promouvoir la paix et au niveau de la frontière séparant les deux pays? C’est la question qui fait objet de notre magazine de reportage sur la paix et le développement durable. En effet, ces deux peuples (Les Baatombu du Bénin et du Nigéria) partagent les mêmes réalités socioculturelles et linguistiques en dehors de la frontière tracée par le colon. Au départ, la cohabitation pacifique entre eux n’était pas facile. Ce n’est qu’après l’arrivée au trône du Roi de Yashikira que la coopération transfrontalière entre les deux peuples frères a pris son envol puisque tous les problèmes qui bloquent la cohabitation pacifique ont pu être solutionnées. Suivez ce magazine de reportage avec Wahabou TOURARE

Reportage sur la Coopération transfrontalière entre le Bénin et le Nigéria

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  1. Ontario’s priorities in regulating cannabis will be: protecting youth and vulnerable people; promoting health and safety, including road safety; and prevention and harm reduction. All of that will cost money, so a good chunk of the anticipated tax revenue from marijuana sales will be swallowed up quickly. What else might the federal bill – and corresponding provincial regulations – look like? If they follow, as they should, the recent recommendations of the federal cannabis task force chaired by Anne McLellan, we might see the following: According to a report titled For The Senate Special Committee On Illegal Drugs, the increase in marijuana use during the 1960s was due to the « hippie psychedelic ethos », a counter culture that rejected traditional values, the growth of underground newspapers, and the increased discussion about the drug in the mass media. The report also suggests that increased travel to parts of the world such as the Far East, where hashish was readily available at moderate cost, contributed to the popularity of the drug culture. http://indianownersassociation.com/forum/member.php?action=profile&uid=60771 We’ve compiled the best road trip apps so you can take on the open road without stressing over the details…. So, first thing, no pot at all for youth drivers, those with graduated licences, or at the wheels of commercial vehicles. They’ll test your spit with a (yet-to-be-approved) cannabis-detection device and if they find any, it’ll mean a three-day licence suspension on the spot, a $250 not-a-fine fine and possible referral for re-education. Graduated-licence drivers might have to start over again. Being caught a second time will mean a seven-day suspension and a $350 penalty; a third time will mean a 30-day suspension and a $450 penalty. A lot of what you know about alcohol impaired driving applies to legal cannabis use as well. Cannabis, illegal drugs, over-the-counter and prescription medications can all affect your judgment, time it takes to react, motor skills and coordination. When you drive high, your risk of crashing more than doubles, even small amounts, no matter how they are taken, can affect your ability to drive.

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